Our Story

The insurance industry touches nearly every American’s life as a crucial part of our economy.

In 2014, the Data Science & Analytics Lab was born as part of American Family Insurance’s commitment to leading the industry’s response to new challenges. We’re part of AmFam’s Business Development division focused on evaluating, understanding, and fully utilizing new information sources.

Self-driving cars, social responsibility, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies mean that more data is available now than ever before.

DSAL helps make sense of it all.

What We Do

The Data Science & Analytics lab uses AI and machine learning to re-envision insurance in light of modern technical, societal, and consumer changes.

Our past successes include a diverse mix of technical and business challenges:

IoT data

We were the first in the US insurance industry to build a real-time streaming environment to collect IoT data from 10,000+ connected smoke detectors.

IoT data

We designed and developed a capability to use deep learning to automatically extract residential property attributes from satellite, aerial, and terrestrial imagery. Ever heard of Arturo?

IoT data

As the first team to operate in the cloud at scale, we’re an agent of change within AmFam.

While our work is varied, we generally create the most value at the intersection of large proprietary data sets and difficult prediction problems.

Most of all, we’re always learning. We work with the latest tools, technologies, and open source tools to stay ahead of the curve — and on top of our game.

Work With Us!

DSAL is the perfect environment to make an impact. Learn more about our culture and employment opportunities on our careers page.

We can’t wait to meet you!

DSAL Office

Key Partnerships

Stanford DSI
UW Computer Science
American Family Insurance
The General Insurance

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

We’re proud to carry AmFam’s commitment to diversity and social justice into everything we do. We serve our customers with distinction, build an inclusive workforce, and live out our values every day.

Jack Salzwedel
“Having a diverse workforce is good for our customers, our employees, & our business. We’ve made this a strategic imperative at @AmFam. I hope others in our industry will do the same.” Jack Salzwedel, CEO, American Family Insurance